Off the top of my head there's Princeton and Auburn. NC State Uni. started off life as NC A&M before becoming NC State College and ever so briefly UNC -Raleigh.

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Biddle College -> Johnson C. Smith University

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Arkansas State was First District State Agriculture School, then First District Arkansas A&M, then Arkansas State College later University.

Second District State Agriculture School became Second District Arkansas A&M then Arkansas Tech.

Third district became Southern State College (no state name) then Southern Arkansas University.

Fourth district became last A&M standing and became simply Arkansas A&M before financial issues resulted in takeover and becoming University of Arkansas Monticello (pronounced Mont-uh-sello)

Arkansas State Normal School became Arkansas State Teachers College then State College of Arkansas, finally University of Central Arkansas.

Interesting tidbit. Before Arkansas State and UNLV met for the first time UNLV listed a prior meeting. In compiling their history UNLV had assumed Arkansas State Teachers College had become Arkansas State University.

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