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A Good historical look behind what is probably the most important “money call” that flank officials can make...there are few calls where the outcomes are so dramatically different over just a few inches

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In 1989, the NCAA changed the rule to bring forward fumbles out of bounds in the field of play back to the spot of the fumble. At that time, they also eliminated the touchback on forward fumbles out of bounds in the endzone and brought the ball back to the spot of the fumble, but gave the ball to the defense. This was changed back to a touchback in 1998. They should have allowed the offense keep the ball at the spot of the fumble to be consistent with forward fumbles elsewhere. Making it a touchback may be more consistent with the old rules before the 1930s when it was a touchback for an untouched incomplete pass to hit the ground in the endzone or beyond, but that era is gone for good now. (And OPI in the endzone was a touchback. That wasn't changed until 1982!)

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