Sitemap - 2021 - Football Archaeology

Canada’s Heisman Trophy: The Hec Crighton Award

Great Lakes Naval, Northwestern, and the 1919 Transfer Port(al)

Celebrating 145 Years of Thanksgiving Day Football

1927 and the Confusing World of Goal Lines

When West Point’s Football Helmets Went to War

The First Southern Football Team to Play in the North: 1893 North Carolina

Football Blankets and Feeling Warm All Over

NFLers Fly High with the 1956 Eglin Air Force Base Eagles

More Alternatives to Zebra Shirts

Football's Wacky Uniform Numbers

Trick Plays: The Tower Play and Pyramid Defense

Throwing Shade on the First Use of Eye Black

The Emergence of Football's Game Stats

The Long History of Football's Short Pants

Saving College Football by Rotating Coaches

Confusion Reigned Before Penalty Signals

The 1930s and Football’s Ugliest Uniforms

When The Olympics Included Gridiron Football

Shedding Light on Football’s Early Night Games ($)

How Changes in Football Led to Larger Officiating Crews

The Evolution of Football’s Chains and Down Boxes

The Mystery of the West Point Cavalry Detachment Football Team

Detective Story: The Great Lakes Naval Team Photo at the 1919 Rose Bowl

That Time the Team Captain Fired the Football Coach

CFL-XFL Interleague Play? A History of Canadian-American Football Games

A Brief History of Football's Extra Point

The End of an Era: Harvard’s 1920 Rose Bowl Win

Missouri's Unauthorized Trip to Play the First Football Games in Mexico

Frank Sinkwich and the Second Air Force Superbombers

Football History As Told By Sporting Goods Catalogs: Nose Guards and Face Masks

Football History As Told By Sporting Goods Catalogs: Cleats and Shoes

How Touch and Flag Football Were Born

The Surprising Origin of the Roughing the Punter Penalty

Football History As Told By Sporting Goods Catalogs: Footballs

Forgotten Innovations: The 12th Man as Field General

Early Testing of Helmets and Protective Cups

Taking Requests: The 1944 Great Lakes Baseball Team

Origins of the College Football Bowl System