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Today's Tidbit... Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Today's Tidbit... IGA's Football-Themed Incentive Program of 1942

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Eligible Receiver Out Of Bounds

Today's Tidbit... David vs. Goliath - The All-American Bowl

Today's Tidbit... Pop Warner Looks Forward and Back

Today's Tidbit... Let's Cover Football's Rule Books

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... The Origins of Flip-Style Down Markers

Today's Tidbit... The Fundamentals of Kicking in 1923

Today's Tidbit... Factoid Feast VI

Today's Tidbit... Helmet-Tossing Trickeration

Today's Tidbit... Offensive and Defensive Formations in 1938

Today's Tidbit... Atlantic Gas Stations and Dunkel's Football Ratings

A History of the Football, Ch. 6

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Football's Use of Dixie Cups

A History of the Football: Ch. 5

Today's Tidbit... The 1965 NFL Player Benefit Plan

A History of the Football, Ch. 4 Pt. 3

A History of the Football: Ch. 4 Pt. 2

A History of the Football: Ch. 4 Pt. 1

Today's Tidbit... Building and Opening Harvard Stadium

A History of the Football: Ch. 3 Pt. 2

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Box Drills and Ropes

A History of the Football: Ch. 3 Pt. 1

Today's Tidbit... The First Football Game in the Midwest, and Fudge

A History of the Football, Ch. 2 Pt. 2

A History of the Football, Ch. 2 Pt. 1

Today's Tidbit... Procrastination and the 1904 Cal-Stanford Game

A History of the Football: Ch. 1 Pt. 5

A History of the Football: Ch. 1 Pt. 4

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... The Commuter Coach, Walter Steffen

A History of the Football: Ch. 1 Pt. 3

A History of the Football: Ch. 1 Pt. 2

A History of the Football: Ch. 1 Pt. 1

A History of the Football: Introduction

A History of the Football: Preview

Image Breakdown: The 1893 Penn-Cornell Game

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Slowing the Pass Rush with the Shovel Pass

Today's Tidbit... NCAA Film Services and the March of Technology

Today's Tidbit... The Meaning Behind the Ready-to-Play Signal and Others

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Stagg's Last Game at Chicago

Today's Tidbit... The Huddled Masses #2

Today's Tidbit... Rae Crowther's 1963 Defensive Reaction Machine

Today's Tidbit... Col. Roy C. Baker And The Flip-Style Down Marker

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Who First Drew Up the Draw Play?

Today's Tidbit... Eligible Receivers and the Sideline

Today's Tidbit... Dennis Mahan Michie

Today's Tidbit... Taking A Stance On Handedness

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Football's Early Pay-Per-View Days

Today's Tidbit... Feeling Detached About Tackling in 1902

Today's Tidbit... Football And Paper Cups

The 1874 Harvard-McGill Games and the American Ball

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Otto Graham's Comic Book Days

The First College Homecoming: 1909 Baylor

Today's Tidbits... Who's Playing in a 1909 Post Card?

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... The 1905 Chicago-Michigan National Championship Game

Today's Tidbit: The University of Mexico Football and International Play

Today's Tidbit... More Absorblo Pads

Today's Tidbit... Glory Days and the 1955 Champion Catalog

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... The History of Game Balls

Today's Tidbit... Penalty Signals of Yore

When Defenses Lose Their Point (One-Point Safeties)

Today's Tidbit... Will Tethered Footballs Make A Comeback?

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... The History of Huddling

Today's Tidbit... Two Items in Spalding's 1905 Catalog

Today's Tidbit... 1895 Wellesley College Women's Football

Today's Tidbit... Game-Used Sweaters and All The Presidents' Sons

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Before Intentional Grounding

Today's Tidbit... Football Jerseys and the Wizard of Odd

Today's Tidbit... Stanford Propelled By Airplane Drill

Today's Tidbit... The Horween Brothers and the NFL

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Absorblo and Exterior Helmet Padding

Today's Tidbit... Penalizing Incomplete Passes

Today's Tidbit... On A Wing and a Player

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... The Rouge and Two-Point Conversion

American Express And The 1953 Rose Bowl

A History of Game Balls

Today's Tidbit... Factoid Feast V

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... TV Numbers On Helmets

The Bliss Brothers, the Reverse, and the Flying Wedge

The First Forward Pass Revisited

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Travis, Taylor, and Teddy Jr.

Today's Tidbit... More American Football in 1910 England

Today's Tidbit... Before Friday Night Lights

Today's Tidbit... Fan Clubs ($)

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Punting From Behind A Barbed Wire Fence

Today's Tidbit... The Huddled Masses of 1905

Today's Tidbit... John Heisman and the Seamless Valve

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Helmets Without Chin Straps

Today's Tidbit... Top Plays of 1933 ($)

The 1964 McGregor Catalog - Helmets and Sideline Gear ($)

The 1964 McGregor Catalog - Pants & Stockings ($)

We Missed Football's 850th Anniversary!

March 2024 Dig... Forward Passing from 1906 to 1911

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... When Tipped Incompletions Were Live Balls

The 1964 McGregor Fall & Winter Catalog - Jerseys

Otto Graham and the Championship Football Comic Book

Herb Maus and the 1920 and 1921 Pacific Fleet Teams

Wisconsin Football Coaches Association Podcast

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Fumbling Into and Out of the End Zone

Football and Early Pay-Per-View Television

Today's Tidbit... Right- and Left-Handed Footballs ($)

Charlie Finley and his Visually and Grip Enhanced Footballs ($)

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Football's First Three Retired Jerseys

The College All-Star Game, Ballot Stuffing, and the NFL

Today's Tidbit... The Match Game: Frank Birch and the 1906 Earlham Team Picture ($)

Today's Tidbit... White and Yellow Footballs for Night Games ($)

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Paying Players in the 1920s

Today's Tidbit... The Rise and Fall of Helmet Numbers

February 2024 Dig... 1906 Bucking Strap Brochure

Today's Tidbit... 1940 Lon Keller Program Covers ($)

Announcing Changes to Football Archaeology

Today's Tidbit... Travis, Taylor, and Teddy Roosevelt III ($)

Today's Tidbits... Logos and Pads at 1900s South Dakota ($)

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Ringers and Rival Towns in 1921

Today's Tidbit... Playing For Extra Time In Portland

Today's Tidbit... A 1940 Riddell Brochure ($)

Today's Factoids... Nebraska Fans Are Slappies ($)

Today's Tidbit... Punting From Behind A Barbed Wire Fence ($)

Today's Tidbit... Traditional Post-Game Fan Celebrations ($)

When Tipped Passes Were Live Balls ($)

Today's Tidbit... Touchbacks After Fumbling Into the End Zone

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... White's Big Run

Today's Tidbit... Uncle Jim's Helmet

When Out Of Bounds Balls Were Live ($)

Today's Tidbit... Navy's Featherweight Football Gear of 1927

Today's Tidbit... My Sports Illustrated 19th Hole Stories

Today's Tidbit... Judging Walter Steffen's Coaching Career

Today's Tidbit... America's Oldest Football Field

Today's Tidbit... Most Spectacular Play I Saw per Walter Eckersall ($)

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... Pneumatics In Football Equipment

Today's Tidbit... Factoid Feast IV

Today's Tidbit... John Wayne's Football Career At USC

Today's Tidbit... When Air Force Football Reached New Heights

Today's Tidbit... When USC Used Their Heads And Lost ($)

Today's Tidbit... Football Helmets Without Chin Straps ($)

Today's Tidbit... Guantanamo's 1915 Fleet Championship ($)

Today's Tidbit... The Honest Head Linesmen

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... St. Louis U's Early Road Trip

Today's Tidbit... Two-Teaming College Football ($)

Today's Tidbit... Early Forward Passing Techniques ($)

Today's Tidbit... Early All-Americans As Head Coaches ($)

Today's Tidbit... Archaic Football Terms

Today's Tidbit... Checking In On Late-1950s Substitution Rules

Today's Tidbit... Michigan's Goal Line Punt Return of 1905 ($)

Pigskin Dispatch Podcast... The First Two-Platoon All-American Team

Today's Tidbit... Factoid Feast III

Today's Tidbit... Flying to Away Games in 1940

Today's Tidbit... 100 Years of Football: Modern NFL and Post-1906 All-Stars